Hi. We’d like to introduce ourselves again. North Florida Pediatrics has served children and their families in northern Florida for 20 years, so we’ve been part of your community for quite some time now. In that time, many things have changed, so we thought it would be good to share a bit of our story and talk about why we live and work with families in north Florida.

In 1996, Dr. Weber opened the first clinic of North Florida Pediatrics. After 14 years of caring for children in this area, he retired and passed the practice on to Dr. Sam and Dr. Pam in 2011. Drs. Sam and Pam have grown the practice quite a bit in the six years since. They opened two new clinics (in Live Oak and Cross City), hired many new doctors and nurses, and began offering late afternoon/evening and weekend hours in our Lake City location. They also offer on-call services for patients when the offices are closed.

All of this helps us see more of the children in north Florida, and in places closer to where they live. We want each child and family we care for to get well, stay healthy, and grow strong.

This week, we’re excited to launch a new website and a new look for North Florida Pediatrics. We believe that both of these updates will allow us to serve families in our area better.

Today, most people own and use mobile phones with internet access—smart phones. These phones give everyone ready access to information online: which businesses and doctors’ offices are nearby, how to contact them, what they offer, and how to get there.

Our old website wasn’t designed for mobile. It worked when most people went online from a desktop computer, but it didn’t work well at all when someone tried to visit the site from their smart phone. Our new site is designed to make it very easy to call us, find our clinics, check our hours, and find answers to frequently asked questions. We’ve also started this blog, where we’ll share updates on health issues that matter and tips for keeping your children safe and healthy throughout the year.

In addition, we’ve designed a new logo to show who we are and what we do at a glance. The hearts show our love for children, organized to create a cross shape in between them—an almost-universal symbol for doctors. The colors are favorites among children, and each heart represents one of the four qualities that makes North Florida Pediatrics great. Our values make the acronym CARE:

  • Capabilities: Our doctors and nurses trained at the best universities in the country, and we care for children with complicated and chronic issues, as well as children with mental and behavioral health needs.
  • Accessibility: We are now open late and on weekends at our Lake City office; we accept walk-ins; we work with everyone no matter what they are able to afford; and we have staff available on-call even when our offices are closed.
  • Relationships: We are family-friendly and want our patients to feel comfortable and cared for whenever they visit or call. We remember each child we see and work hard to make sure they get the care they need.
  • Excellence: We receive high scores from auditors and certification boards. We stay current on the latest discoveries and treatments in pediatric health care. Best of all, many of our patients grow up and bring their children to us for care!

Thank you for trusting us with the care of the most important people in your world—your children. We are proud to be part of the north Florida community, and we look forward to serving you.